Our dishes

Cod fish

Chunks of fried cod fish with ravigottesaus
(4 kakkertjes)

Tuna salad

Salad with grilled tuna and homemade tuna mayo
(6 kakkertjes)

Couscous salad with scallops

Couscous salad with marinated scallops and foamy curry mayonaise
(6 kakkertjes)

Lobster soup

Homemade lobster soup with small shrimps
(4 kakkertjes)

Contact information

Langstraat 56g
Brinkhof Passage
2242 KN
Phone: 070 - 514 04 18

De Wassenaarsche Viswinkel

The “Wassenaarsche Viswinkel”, is  new in Wassenaar and new at this event. The perfect shop to buy your fish or fish dishes. During the event, they will prepare delicious fish dishes.