About Tasteful Wassenaar

Tasteful Wassenaar has originated from the well-known event “eten bij de burgemeester (dinner with the maire)”.  This free culinary event offers to its visitors the possibility to taste what the restaurants and caterers from Wassenaar have to offer. The combination of  twelve restaurants with delicious dishes into one location, together with a marvellous atmosphere, activities for young and old alike and music for everybody, makes this event into  a perfect day out.

Culinair is hot

Every day has a separate programme.  The opening evening on Friday starts with an opening reception. The theme of Saturday is a party night where you can taste your favourite dishes and dance to live music. Sunday is a family day. There will be performances of different school bands and cooking workshops for the children.  A perfect day for the entire family.


Previous editions

Following the two previous editions, Tasteful Wassenaar intends to organize an even better and above all tastier event under a different name. As you may know, twelve restaurants are participating. There will be a large bar area where you can have your drinks and a stage where several; artists will perform. In short, something to look forward to.